Goodbye Chicago. Hello Bangkok

December 27, 2014 - 1 minute read

My flight from Chicago left at 8:55 AM and I had a connecting flight out of Detroit. From there I boarded a 13 hour flight to Tokyo, Japan.

That was interesting and gave me just enough time for a pit stop a the renowned Sushi Kyotatsu in the Tokyo airport. The sushi was absolutely amazing; I ordered the Chefs special plate for ¥2700 or about $22, and boy was it worth it. The plate came with 2 fatty tuna nigiri, 1 salmon roe, super white tuna, egg, a tuna roll, and mackerel, and shrimp. I also purchased 1 salmon, and eel. Let’s just say i’ll be back in 3 months.

From there I had a 7 hour flight to Bangkok where I was picked up by the shuttle and off to my new home at the Bundit House. The trip was smooth considering I probably slept 14 out of the 21 hours.

Tomorrow I have an orientation and will hopefully see some of the university and the city. I am really looking forward to it.