I go to Mahidol University.

December 29, 2014 - 4 minutes read

Having settled into our new accommodations at the Bundit House it was time us, the students, to go through orientation at Mahidol University.

To give you a little background information about the program I am studying in I’ll begin by saying that there are 19 of us including myself. We come from all over the country and are apart of a provider program through the Knowledge Exchange Institute. This means that our home universities do not have a direct relationship with Mahidol University, so were are represented by KEI and are considered visiting students rather than exchange students. We are apart of Mahidol Universities International College or MUIC as they call it here. Mahidol University is one of the more prestigious universities in South East Asia and was endorsed by the King of Thailand. Mahidol Consists of 14 Colleges within it including MUIC.

We took the shuttle from Bundit to MUIC and began our orientation with the other students who will be studying for the next few months. Aside from the students from KEI there are many exchange students and a few other third party provider organizations representing students. All in all there are roughly 75 students in a similar situation as myself and the others in my program.

Once we arrived and finished registering, we received our class schedules and supplementary information and were then welcomed by an elaborate speech from the Dean of the College, followed by a rather long information session about the University, its history, values as well  its seemingly limitless prosperities to date. After that we heard from the Dean of Academic Affairs about the countless ways to fail here and the importance of academic achievement. She was quite a stern woman and if I am not mistaken left a small pit in everyones stomach by the time she had finished lecturing us about the seriousness of the the program we were undertaking. If I did not mention the students at Mahidol are required to wear a uniform when on campus and when attending classes. This is taken very seriously, and failing to uphold the standards are cause for one of the countless reasons you can fail.

When that Dean finished it was time for lunch which consisted of a delicious spread of traditional Thai cuisine. I personally am a huge fan of the ethnic dishes I have been eating here, but it is rather amusing, yet frustrating watching people squirm when they tired the toro balls in coconut cream or the steamed curried fish.

After lunch we went back into orientation and had a short session regarding Thai language and culture. It quickly became clear that some of the students would benefit greatly in a quick lesson regarding Thai customs and cultural norms. From there we took a short break, took photos for our IDs and then it was time for the tram tour of the campus.

Since Mahidol is so large it has a system of trams that constantly run around the campus depositing students at different building. I was completely overwhelmed by the size of the campus. Lucky for me my classes are in the same two buildings where are reasonably close to one another.

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