Lost in München

August 4, 2013 - 3 minutes read

The only fun part of Munich was the train ride. Just kidding, but quite literally it was a disaster. As previously mentioned we could not get a night train to Munch so I was forced to take a daytime train ride there. I was a 8 hour ride so I took up the majority of the day. The ride was really cool because it turned out that one of the hostelers from Venice, Laura was taking the same train to Vienna which was cool. Laura was from Berlin and was studying Touristic Studies or something like that, quite interesting. She told me that she was getting a job a Hostel International in Chicago which was really exciting to hear.

Picture 20

As she got off in Vienna, Danny got on. We then road with a guy named Michael from North Carolina who was born in Germany and had been living in the US with his father. Also there were two girls from Denmark. We all road together and had a great time. Telling stories and laughing.

When we got to Munich it was nearly 10pm and the world renown Hofbräuhaus am Platzl was set to close at 10pm. We checked into our hostel, grabbed a pint to rest for a second. Then we rushed to the Marienplatzl. Along the way a random guy from Bermuda asked if we knew any good bars. We responded without stopping and said “To the Hofbräuhaus!” we pushed on and eventually made it. We had traditional Bavarian food and Drank two liters each. I had the Dunkel Bier which is a traditional Bavarian Bier. It was delicious.

Picture 21

Afterward we walked around the city more and it was our turn to  asked random people for directions we ended up following two German college students to a local German club. It was nuts there were so many people. The 2 liters did us in so we ended the night fairly early and stumbled back to the hostel safe and sound.

Picture 23

Picture 24

The next day we woke up at as decent a time as 2 liters would allow. We wanted to take a free walking tour but missed it because we read the time wrong. We ended up riding the train around Munich trying to find the English Tea Garden, but got lost so we found a tradition Bavarian Bier Garden instead and settled down for another liter.

Picture 22

I had a great time in the 22 hours we were in Munich but all in all I would consider the second day a wash.