Makro Grocery

December 30, 2014 - 1 minute read

I felt that this experience deserved its own post.

When we got home from the compound my roommate Garret and I need to do some shopping for our room. Since were actually living in Thailand and not just traveling there were a few key necessities we need to pick up. Snack food, clothes hangers, detergent, alcohol, and things of that matter. The store that we went to – Marko – is about 2km away from our house and is like a Costco on steroids. There is not a thing you can not get in this place. We spend 2 hours there knocking items off our list and playing charades with the employees to find what we needed.

When all was said and done the security guard at the front hailed a cab for us as we walked out with out cart filled to the brim. Best part about it was we got everything we needed and more for 1700 Baht or $52.00. You cant do that kind of damage at a Costco in the states.

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