On the water in Venice

August 4, 2013 - 5 minutes read

Welcome to Venice. What some call the most romantic city in the Europe. Others would disagree with this. However I would consider Venice to be one of the most touristic cities I have ever seen. Housing roughly 6,000 native Venetians, but with a estimate 1.6 million people living, working, and visiting the islands which make up Venice. It is quite a shame, but more of a reward for me to be able to walk 1k off of the Piazza San Marco just next to the Doge’s Palace and find a hidden alley way that over looks the Rialto Bridge. A place absolutely filled with tourists, a place of beauty, yet a place I want to only see from a distance.

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The first day in Venice Danny and I found this incredible  alley way which overlooked the Grand Canal and Rialto. It was truly breath taking in the sense that you could find serenity in a place with so many tourists. As we road in on the train to the main island I was overcome with joy. As I was finally going to make it to Venice. A place I had always dreamed of venturing to. Danny could not stay for too long. About 5 hours to be exact. He needed to catch a train back to Florence to finish his final day of his program. So we bought a water-bus pass and road until the end of the line. Venice is a small place and you honestly could see everything in one or two days. That is if you didn’t care to much about going to Murano, Burano, and Lido, the island with the beach on it.

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After Danny left I hopped back on the water-bus from the main terminal and made it to my stop where the hostel was. The first night there was mostly planning an relaxing. I sat and talked with some guys I met at the bar in the hostel. Adam and Philip, They were both backpackers like myself. There the three of us sat talking about our experiences traveling, and our initial impressions of Venice.

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It was called Hostel Generator. Here is where I met some of the most interesting people I have ever known. Many young adults like myself from all over the world. The hostel was on the island of Gudellica, which just overlooks the St. Marks Square to the west. Here I sat and watched the sunset with new friends and short acquaintances from places like; Berlin, New Zealand, Brazil, Adelaide, Seoul, Melbourne, Montreal, England, Bangladesh, and Ireland.

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The second day in Venice, which was not supposed to happen, but we could not get a night train to Munich. This turned out to be the biggest blessing in Disguise. I took the water-bus up to Murano with Su, Emma, Michael, Marc, and Callum. None of us new one another, but we did know one thing. We wanted to see the glass factories on the Island. So we went to the island, saw the show and off we went. Callum, Su, Emma, and I road back to the main land an did more exploring. It was a great time. We walked every inch of the island the headed back to the Hostel.

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That evening was one of the best nights i’ve every had. There must have been 30 backpackers sitting our on the wall by the water talking and watching the We drank cheap italian wine, and played card games. We spoke of our lives of travel and the places we wished to see.

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Venice is by far my favorite place so far.

On a side note I apologize if this blog is a bit choppy. Its difficult to write without a computer. I hardly get Wi-Fi and have next to no time to do any writing. Hope you like it anyway.