One Bag

July 25, 2013 - 1 minute read

Now that the planning phase has passed and I am ready to depart on my trip. It is safe to say that I have learned how to pack like a minimalist. I will be gone near a month, and the total contents of my pack weigh less than 25 pounds. (minus the beagle.) Considering I will be carrying this pack everywhere I go. I would be willing to say I have a somewhat ‘intimate relationship’ with every item inside. I have painstakingly  scrutinized every detail and asked myself “will I really use this?” The process of learning this unique art of lightweight packing has been quite an adventure, if you will.

There is a saying amongst backpackers; “Pack everything you think you will need, and then get rid of half of it.” I can assure you I have done this and am quite excited to share the experience. Who would have thought a seemingly minute detail such as packing would hold so much importance. If I were to overpack my trip could become miserable fairly quickly.

The trip has not even begun and I have no clue what lies ahead, but I do know I am ready to take on whatever comes before me. One bag and all. I owe all I have learned to the influence I have gain from conversation and from scouring the depths of cyberspace. Thank You.