Sooner than I thought

July 12, 2013 - 3 minutes read

In exactly 13 days from now I will board a plane to Rome and begin what I would consider to potentially be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Surely there will be more to come in the near future.

In Rome I plan to visit a few many things. Perhaps I will be able to sleuth my way 33 ft below St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City and feast my eyes upon the mighty papal tombs of the last 1000 years, but who knows. From Rome I will move north via train to the birthplace of the Renaissance, the city of Florence. Which lies in the Italian region of Tuscany, and the capital of the greater Kingdom of Italy. While there I will meet my cousin Daniel where he is currently studying abroad at the University of Dayton campus in Florence. After a day or two I will continue my journey north to Venice, a place I have only dreamed of visiting. Recognized as ‘one of the most romantic cities on earth’ ironically I will be traveling there alone. Better luck next time.

My plan is yet to be solidified but the destinations are cured.

Continuing on from the Venetian territory once subdued by Charlemagne himself I will cross into Germany, Munich to be specific. At this point I will meet with Daniel and the pilgrimage of Europe will officially commence. That is after a few Hefeweizens at the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl.  Perhaps accompanied by a few Bavarian drinking songs.

Then we will move on together to Prague, the historical capital city of Bohemia proper, and once the 3rd largest city in Europe after Rome and Constantinople during the 14th century under the rule of Holy Roman Emperor and King of the Luxembourg dynasty, Charles IV. Prague is home to some of the worlds most beautiful Gothic Architecture, such as that of the St. Vitus Cathedral. I can’t to see it.

From Prague we will travel to Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and finally to Madrid where we will catch a flight back to the states.

I look forward to sharing this with whoever is reading it. look for new post and photographs which I will be posting periodically throughout the trip.