Thai Cooking with Thai Charm Cooking School

March 12, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Want to talk about humbling, life changing experience with humbling, life changing people?

Ok, lets talk.

I decided to talk a trip to Southern Thailand, Krabi to be exact. While in Thailand I new I wanted to take a cooking class. Northern Thailand is probably the best place to take a class but if you can find the right school you can do it anywhere. Have no fear — Thai Charm Cooking School — is here.

Yok and Heng are the two people who own this school. They are husband and wife, who used to teach at a cooking school in Chiang Mai, but they decided to move south and make it happen for themselves. They build a home, and opened their doors for business. Thai Charm is unique because the school is attached to their home. They are very friendly individuals who want to help you learn the basics of Thai cuisine. My experiences with them were amazing.

They give a huge slate of options and you get to choose 4 not including the 2 deserts which we prepared as a group. While in the course I decided to make; Som Tom, Pad Thai, Penang with homemade red curry from scratch, Tom Yum Kung, followed by Mango with Sweet Sticky Rice.

I decided to choose Thai Charm because of the difficulty I had finding their location. To me this screamed authentic. Sure enough it was. They were so nice they even drove me to the airport and I sent them a follow up email on how they could streamline their business and have people more easily find them.

Thank You Thai Charm Cooking School!

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