Welcome to Salaya – ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ ศาลายา

December 28, 2014 - 5 minutes read

After arriving around 1 am in the Bangkok Airport I was greeted by the MUIC shuttle drive and sat around for a bit waiting for the other students to arrive at the airport. Finally two students, not from my program arrived and we boarded the van and headed for Salaya – it was about an hour drive from the airport.

When I arrived I met a security guard who gave me my room key and showed me to my room at the Bundit House, I am on the 5th floor and have a sweet balcony with a not so sweet view, but hey, its better than nothing so I’m grateful. I walked over to the 7-11 across the street to by some TP for the bathroom but didn’t have an Bhat so I had to come back since they do not take visa. As I was walking back I saw the shuttle with all of the KEI students who arrived shortly after me and I quickly greeted them, and helped them to their rooms. I finally met my roommate Garret from University of Kentucky which was cool. We hung out in the room and got situated, I had slept for about 14 hours on the plane so sleep didn’t seem like an option. I ended up staying up all night getting some work done and talking to Al and some friends and family back home. At around 7am I went exploring for the acclaimed gym I had longed for which happened to be right next to the pool which was sweet. At the bottom of Bundit between the other building the ground floors are lined with shops including a restaurant, self serve laundry matt, and a small convenient store.

After working out, which was super hot I showed and went down to the restaurant with Garret, Brittany, Joseph for some early lunch. This would be my first meal which happened to be spicy rice noodles with shrimp – the Thais do not joke about spice – Garret could hardly handle the heat It was at bit funny. After lunch it was only about 10:30 am so we putzed around the apartment and I ended up taking a nap which really kicked in the tiredness. I felt like shit when I woke up.

We went downstairs for our 1pm orientation and to meet our program guide/mentor, View. She was the nicest person. She showed us around the building and essentially expressed everything I just talked about and told us about some of the local fares and places to shop. After the orientation she took some of us to Testo Lotus which is a large mall/ grocery store with a food court. It was very similar to the El Corte Inglés stores in Spain. We walked around for a bit and ate some more delicious thai food. I went upstairs to buy an electric kettle to make coffee and ended up getting one for ฿185 which is $5.41, crazy. The line was long so I ended up taking a cab home which was not a problem at all. After all was said and done we went back to our room and hung out with Andy, Brittany, and Joseph and talked for a while.

After a while we went back out to try our hand at some Thai street food and to check out the 7-11 (they are literally everywhere) away from the House to get some beer from, the beer and alcohol is at the same going rate in the US so you won’t save very much in that area. We walked up and down the street and found a solid looking place. I had some authentic Pad See Ew and it was decent – a bit bland if you ask me, but nothing some spiced vinegar and sugar could not fix. I also tried my first Thai Beer – Chang Draught – which was not half bad. After a while we headed back for rest.

Tomorrow we have a 9am orientation at the university so it should be a long day. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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