Too soon for Khoa San Road.

December 29, 2014 - 3 minutes read

After Orientation we went back to Bundit and had some dinner. Unfortunately we do not have a kitchen or anywhere to cook, but there is a restaurant where you can get some great noodles for about $1.20 so we typically do that, or grab some street food from one of the many vendors close by.

After dinner we went to the 7-Eleven to grab some beers and start the night. At Bundit all the guys from KEI live on the 5th floor and the girls live on 8, so everyone went down to 5 and we had ourselves a little hallway party action. Sure enough we were a little loud and had to be calmed down by security. About 3 times. Lucky for us they are nice here at Bundit.

After we had ourselves a little shenanigans some of use decided to go to Khoa San Road in downtown Bangkok. If you’ve never heard of Khoa San Road its similar to what a wacked out version of South Ave in Philly or Canal St. in NYC would be like. There are vendors, street carts, clubs, and bars galore – as well as the occasional  ladyboy. The street is packed from head to tow with people and is pretty much impossible to drive on other than the police who are just keeping the peace.

None of us were really sure of what we would encounter by going to Khoa San Rd. but we were sure it would be interesting. There were 12 of us who took 2 cabs the 35 minutes downtown and the 2 cabs together cost less than $10.00. I know its crazy. When we arrived we started walking and I was pretty much starstruck – as much as you could be in such a place. I’d never seen anything like it in my life. Some people stopped at the vendors and got some buckets of alcohol. Think a childs’ beach bucket gone long island all for 300 bhat or about $9.00.

We walked up and down Khoa San for about 2 hours, dancing, drinking and laughing. I had a run in with an old lady vendor who sold me a bracelet because she really like my beard. That was weird. There was also a spontaneous breakdance circle that broke out with some locals – it was rather impressive.

Even though we had to be up at 7:30 the following day I had a great time and we were all glad to go.

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